My wife and I are delivering "Meals On Wheels" in Lansing, Michigan
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My week in pictures as an almost 70-year-old baby boomer

I'm often asked what I do with my time as a retiree and a member of the first class of baby-boomers who turn 70 this year.  Being empty-nesters and with no day job, we have time for neighborhood meetings.  We went to two this past week and we supported the organization we volunteer with-the local Meals on Wheels.
Water collection at the Lansing Mall.
While we walked at the Lansing Mall this week we noticed a collection point for water to give to Flint's people.


Averill Woods Neighborhood Association meeting.
Our neighborhood-Averill Woods-had a meeting Thursday night. Local police gave a report.


Walking at the Lansing Mall.
One day this week, the cold took our walking to the Lansing Mall.
Judge Clark brought pens
At one of our meetings, local District Court Judge talked to our neighborhood. He brought pens.
We attended a fundraiser at a local restaurant.
My wife and I have started delivering Meals on Wheels. They had a fundraiser this week at a local restaurant.
My meeting shirt.
I like bright yellow as I demonstrate in my going to a meeting shirt this week.