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This selfie was taken with an app--Flare--which I'm helping to beta test.

I know it's only a number, but turning 70 this year seems like such a big number.  For instance, in ten years I'll be 80.  I know that physical and mental limitations start to show themselves more as one crosses these milestones.  As a result, I know that I need to carefully prioritize my time.  I know how easy it is to let time cruise by and not get anything done.

First, I need to deal with the number 70.  It's a head thing, an attitude.  It's easy to get lost in the feeling that I'm done.  I haven't had a day job for 11 years.  Somedays I've felt like my wheels have been spinning in the mud, while other days have felt like I'm stuck in a quick sand that's pulling me down.  

Let me be clear.  My wife is retired too.  And we enjoy doing things together.  Really, we do.  Since, we've gotten married our life has been built around our mutual faith in God.  We put value in being part of a church.  Those involvements come and go. The church we attend now and the one that we really like seems to retire attenders to the backbencher once they reach a certain age.  And, I think we've crossed that chronological line.

Our kids are great, as are our grandkids. We do try to plug into their lives, but because of substantial distance, we usually do it via FaceTime or phone calls and occasional visits.  This technology allows us to be part of their lives, but in a limited way.  We saw our granddaughter eat her first bite of cereal and we've seen one of our grandsons take his first tentative steps and then grow into a toddler and now a full-fledged walker.

We've outgrown our house as empty-nesters and we are contemplating the next move.  Condo?  Climate?  Nearer to the kids?  Money?  How much can we swing?  

The sand in the hourglass seems to be moving quicker and quicker.  These are points to be dealt with this year.  They are all positive, I guess.  

Life is a big series of phases.  There's the first time the baby sleeps all night.  First time walking.  Then they talk.  You turn 50.  Kids graduate from high school.  Then college.  Their first jobs.  You walk your daughter down the aisle.  Stand next to your son as his best man.  And then the grandkids.

My junk mail has even gone through phases.  A couple of years ago, everybody was trying to sell me hearing aids.  Now I'm getting mail from funeral homes.

Yup, this is the year to double-check how I use my time.  Less Dr. Phil watching and more doing what I really want to get done.