Here's the results of my experiment with time lapse videos using my iPhone 6 plus
My wife catches me in the act of snow blowing

Happy snow-covered Thursday here in mid-Michigan

My son and his son.
My son and my grandson would really get into this snow.

Our neighborhood is just starting to come awake with the sound of snowblowers after a really big storm that came through yesterday and early today.  Nothing's moving on the streets.  The mayor has warned people to use them only for emergency travel.  We have plenty of food and wood for the fireplace if we lose power.  

But what impresses me are our neighbors.  They beat me to cleaning off the sidewalks.  They did ours too.  It's a regular thing for them to watch out for each other.  Again, I'm impressed.

I will be going out shortly to clear our driveway and front and back steps.  My grandkids would enjoy this, at least three of them would.