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I was really flattered when my son asked to take a selfie with me and then put it on Instagram

I'd vote for Clare Danes of Homeland for president before I'd vote for Trump, Rubio or Cruz


Clare Danes
She's a better actor than Trump, Rubio or Cruz


I watched a good chunk of last night's Republican debate in Houston and left with a queasy stomach, kind of like you do after eating four pieces of deep dish pizza with bacon and lots of cheese. I felt sick.  CNN even catalogued the insults.  It was too pathetic to make even Saturday Night Live.

It was like watching a township board or city council meeting run amok.  It was insult after insult between Rubio, Cruz and Trump.  In heaven, Ronald Reagan must be gagging with disdain for their performance.

Right now, I'm not sure who I would vote for on either side.  I'd vote for Clare Danes, the main character of the Showtime series about a CIA operative who struggles and is transparent.  She's bi-polar and is transparent about it.  She's smart, but she makes mistakes.  But she learns from them.  

These candidates, I know, are a reflection of the voters.  We need to be more demanding of right behavior and right thinking.  

I think we are in trouble.  Anybody disagree?