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Memories of raising Michigan's speed limit to 70, as legislature gets ready to raise it to 75-80


Bill signing to raise speed limits.
This picture was taken the day Gov. John Engler signed the bill raising Michigan's speed limit to 70. I worked for the bill''s sponsor (right) Sen. Doug Carl of Macomb County. I don't remember the date, but I had hair (left).


The state of Michigan seems to be on the cusp of raising its speed limit from 70 to 75/80.  Did you know that?  And have you thought about what effect this will have on driving our state's freeways?  The number of people killed on our roads far outstrips those killed in any other form of violence.

I remember the last raise of the speed limit vividly because I worked as the legislative director for the bill's sponsor, Sen. Doug Carl of Macomb County.  He became convicted of the need because of his daily drive between Lansing and his home north of Detroit.

The bill went through two committees with hearings, but I never saw the everyday driver share many of their views about driving faster.  With social media and somebody who could facilitate that discussion, I wonder if that would change.  Would there be more reaction?

Is this the time to raise the speed limit even higher?  How many lives will be lost because of the change?  How well is the speed limit being enforced now?

I can't wait for driverless cars.  I think I'd feel safer with one.