Baby-boomers: Did you participate in any of the Vietnam War protests back in the sixties?
Baby-boomers: Have you told your texting grandkids about having to buy Air Mail stamps?

Why was my new NIV Journal Edition Bible by Zondervan printed in China?


My new Bible was printed in China.
I found the Printed in China annotation on the inside of my new Zondervan Bible.


I got a new Bible for Christmas where I can more easily journal and take notes.  It's a New International Version (NIV) and it's published by Zondervan in Grand Rapids, about fifty miles from here.  It has been the center of many debates about American companies moving production to China and other places.

Zondervan has been an anchor in the west Michigan region for the publication of Christian books and it has centered much of its attention on working class Christians who are affected by the movement of U.S. production overseas.

Why would this Bible be printed in China?  How much cheaper was it to print it there, rather than here?  Irony rules in this action because the Bible is banned in China.  Is Zondervan supporting an economy that is anathema to the message that it's distributing through its books and other materials?  

My new Bible.
This is the cover page of my new Bible printed in China.