My daughter and family are adding to the servers in our memory bank
Our St. Patrick's Day has never been the same since March 17, 1982 when our daughter was born

I'm still smiling from our family get-together over the weekend


My wife and daughter.
I am proud of both of these women, my wife and my daughter.

 I don't know when I lost my natural smile, but I know when I refound it.  My grandkids played a big role in helping me find my way back to my inner and outer smile.  I'm still smiling from this past weekend when we were all together.  I can't believe that this all started with just my wife and me and now there are eleven of us.

I'm often reminded of the song 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redmond where he talks about having that many reasons to praise God.  I've wondered how long it would take me to get to that number if I sat down and made a list.  Would it take more than a morning?


My wife, our youngest grandson and me.
My wife and I spend some time sitting with our youngest grandson.
Playing with bubbles.
There's nothing like playing with bubbles when you are a toddler.