I was really flattered when my son asked to take a selfie with me and then put it on Instagram
I'm still smiling from our family get-together over the weekend

My daughter and family are adding to the servers in our memory bank


The Jones family
Our daughter Krista, her husband Adam and their three kids, one of whom is in utero.


It would take a server with lots of space to house all the family memories we have.  Most recent chapters center around spending time with our two kids and their spouses and their kids, our grandkids.  This past week we added a new chapter when our daughter Krista Jones, her husband Adam and their kids moved back to the United States from Eastern Europe where they had been for five years.

They have resettled in the Indianapolis area where we spent several days.  I loved it all.  Time with our grandkids was major league great.  Being a grandparent has been one of the best roles ever.  

Watching how our kids have grown and settled into the challenges of everyday life has turned into voice playing inside my head saying "praise God."  

We were joined by our son Justin Thorp and his wife Lauren and son Miles for the weekend.  What can I say?  I love being part of a family.