What did I say to my two-day old grandson while holding him for almost an hour?
My experience with getting punctual plugs for my chronic dry eye

Wednesday, March 30: Worshipping golden calves in Lansing and punctual plugs in my eyes


Remember the Bible story where Moses comes down from Mt. Sinai and finds that the children of Israel are worshipping a golden calf?  Growing up I never saw any golden calves in northern Michigan nor have I seen any since I've lived in Lansing.  

At our church-Ada Bible Church-we have heard in the past year sermons about ancient gods and we've learned how the Greeks and the Romans worshipped them.  There were gods for everything.  I haven't seen any of those either.

Then Pastor Jeff Manion brought the definition down to a contemporary level and then my eyes were opened wider.  Then I could relate.

To define the term idol, he used the above definition from author Tim Keller says that an idol is anything I look at and say to myself that if I had that, then my life would have meaning and I would feel significant and secure.

Over my morning coffee today, I thought about that.  What are my idols that I put ahead of God?  Can my family be an idol that I place above God?  My wife?  My kids?  My grandkids?  My iPhone 6 plus?  My vision?

There's room for only one God in my life and I want to make sure it's the real one.

Punctual plugs before supper

What about my vision?  Later this afternoon, the ophthalmologist will put punctual plugs in the tear ducts in each one of my eyes.  My dry eye has reached the chronic level and is affecting my vision and can make it uncomfortable to keep my eyes open even with artificial tears.  It's one more piece in my journey to obtain eye and vision health.

It's done in the doctor's office.  I've looked at the YouTube videos of the procedure.  Looks a little creepy.  I just hope I don't sneeze.