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We collided with serious wildlife action in Lansing, Michigan at Hawk Island Park

Hawk Island on a Wednesday.
It was a gray day, but, nevertheless, beautiful outside.

When it's not snowing, raining or hailing here in Lansing, Michigan, my wife and I try to go to Hawk Island Park on the city's southeast side.  There's a trail there that circles a big restored gravel pit.  It includes a small island in the middle.  It's perfect for walking on most days in the spring, summer and fall.

My wife and I went there yesterday to walk the 35 minute circuit.  We parked, clicked on the walker's version of Runkeeper and started walking.  About half way around, we first saw one deer, a few more than a whole herd.  They were bold in their closeness to us.  Then walking about a hundred yards more, we saw a whole herd on the other side of the trail.  None of them had horns.  

They were close to us and seemed as interested in us as we were with them.  And then one got spooked and they quickly left and passed right in front of us.  It was a great spectacle of nature.  Check the video.