The source of our problems in the United States is the devil, according to old newscaster Paul Harvey in 1965
I admit that I'm an almost 70-year-old fanboy of filmmaker Casey Neistat

My voting for Trump would be an insult to my mother, my wife, daughter, daughter-in-law and two granddaughters

Unless there's a political tsunami, Donald Trump will be the nominee for president for the Republican Party.  Lots of Republicans are jumping on board the Trump train for the sake of party unity.  They point to his perceived business acumen and verbal boldness.  This includes many who describe themselves as Bible-believing Christians.  They say that Jesus Christ is the center of their life and their purpose for living.

Now overlay Trump on top of the Bible and what it says about how God wants you to treat women. Read today's story in the New York Times about how the presumptive nominee treats women in his daily life.  His regard for women seems to be straight out of the Satan's playbook.

The in-depth story shows a man who looks to women as playthings to be graded by how well they look.  Would I want that to be the criteria by which the women in my life are judged.  Answer:  No.