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Don Stypula of Grand Rapids writes about the difference that an involved dad made in his life


Don Stypula
Don Stypula

 I enjoy hearing stories about people when they pull back the layers of their lives.  I learn from other people, especially hearing them talk about the pivotal people in their lives, circumstances that shaped them and the happenings that shaped them as the person who they are today.

Most recent person to share about their life is an old friend of more than forty years, Don Stypula of Grand Rapids.  I first met him when he was a reporter for Lansing radio station WITL.  I was the pressroom manager at the State Capitol.  Our friendship grew over the years as we worked and socialized together.  I was at his wedding.  Our wives had kids around the same time.  We maintained the relationship during several job changes for each of us.

But somehow I missed his telling about the role that his dad played in his life.  He changed that this morning by publishing a blogpost about his late dad and the key role that he played in the formation of who he is today.

It's a strong testimony to the role that fathers play in the lives of their kids.  In Don's case, his dad provided the cookie cutter for the man he is today.

During a time when fathers are not regarded as having much value beyond the biological contributions they made and when Dr. Phil concentrates on the role of moms and ignores dads, Don clearly shows how dads can be a world-changer for their kids.  This is worth a read.