When my son was really young his favorite baseball player was Ernie Camacho of the Cleveland Indians
Without the guy on the right, I would have never been a father

Here's a perfect prayer for our country after Orlando and other situations to come

Our Daily Bread online
This is the Our Daily Bread devotion for this morning.

Since our retirement, my wife and I have established a ritual where one of us makes coffee which we drink from our own sides of the couch with our computers in our laps.  My first online visit is to Our Daily Bread, a daily devotional based on a Bible verse.  At the end of the written piece, there's usually a short prayer. Today's prayer seems to be spot on for our country with its division and inability to come together.  Check it out.  

Lord, give us eyes to see those around us as You see them. Give us ears to hear their stories; give us hearts to share Your love.