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I have reason to be dancing down the middle of our street today

Our wedding picture.
Today's our 35th wedding anniversary. We start the day at the ophthalmologist.

Yes, we are celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary today.  I hope God hears me when I shout thank-you to him for connecting me with Gladys.  We have a whole bunch behind us and we are both looking forward to life ahead of us.

We've seen new life through our kids and their kids and we've seen death through the passing of our parents.  I enjoy spending time with her now as much as I did before we were married where we would talk and talk at the Char House in Bay City over blueberry pancakes.

Our first stop of the day is at one of my ophthalmologists to get a retina check.  Supper will be at the Lansing Brewing Company.  

We started our lives together as two people.  There are now eleven of us with our kids, their spouses and our grandkids.  In marketing today that would be described as the beginning of a brand.  Thank-you God.