Important point here: Are you more empathetic than sympathetic?
What kind of birthday cake do I want for my 70th birthday?

Is the division in this country leading us towards a political civil war?

This column written  by Nolan Finley of the Detroit News deserves to be taken to the coffee shops and dinner tables around the country this week.  He writes that the political division is moving us closer to a political civil war with anarchy just over the horizon.

Wherever you live, it's hard to give your political opinions about anything without somebody calling you a name and carpet-bombing your path with a whole lot os fighting words.  Go ahead.  Test it out.  Tell your liberal friends that you're looking closely at Trump and good chances are you won't leave the conversation without some scars.

Conversely, tell your Republican friends that you are leaning towards Hillary Clinton and good chances are you'll get the same name-calling response along with a lot of angry bombast.

What are the consequences of this attitude and division?  Are we going to reach a point where we just can govern ourselves?  Is anarchy on the horizon?