Without the guy on the right, I would have never been a father
Fathers-in-law need to say "Happy Father's Day" to their sons-in-law

When was the last time you took your son out for a beer to celebrate your relationship with him?


Having a beer with my son
My son is an amazing man and a stellar father

 I really looked forward to that recent Thursday night in steamy St. Louis when my son Justin asked me if I wanted to go to the Urban Chestnut beer hall on the south side of St. Louis.  It was a chance to celebrate a whole bunch of stuff especially the birth of his infant daughter and celebration of his son's second birthday.  

Doing this has become a new tradition for he and I whenever he comes home or we go to his place.  It's not a night at the bar, but an hour or two where we have a chance to compare notes on our lives, kids, jobs, retirement, driverless cars, apps, phones and presidential candidates.  When he comes here we drink a really classy edition of a Founders beer that had been aged in old scotch barrels and in St. Louis, we have a Schnickelfritz crafted by Urban Chestnut.

He shared with me his middle of the night visits with his two month old daughter and life with his two year-old son who looks like a carbon copy of him.  He loves being a dad.  He changes diapers, including the ones that had been filled by a volcanic poop and he washes clothes.  We talked about our mutual interests in the world, especially those involving technology, the area where he works.  Our conversation included a slice about life with and without Trump and about political parties.

The time went by quickly, but I know we'll do it again.  What did I learn?  I really enjoy his friendship.  I am also impressed by him as a man, a husband and a dad.

Not every dad can do this, but for the ones who can and haven't, I'd encourage them to do it.