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What kind of birthday cake do I want for my 70th birthday?


My wife and my daughter both asked me what kind of birthday cake I wanted this year.  Considering that on the last day of this month I'll be celebrating my 70th birthday, this is an important choice.  I love good old-fashioned carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, but I was introduced this year by my two-year-old grandson to Elmo cupcakes.

That opens a whole world of possibilities, including Cookie Monster cupcakes and even more traditional choices.

In the meantime, I'm grappling with what this birthday means.  Ten more years, I'll be 80.  The term bucket list has taken on new meaning.  I'm no longer able to describe myself as a young senior citizen.  The idea of moving into a house with one floor has taken on a new attraction.

I'm processing these age-related questions.  How productive can I be during the next 10 years? Look at Moses from the Bible.  Wasn't he in his eighties when he went to Pharoh and told him that the Israelizes no longer wanted to make Egypt their home.  Then he led his people across the Red Sea while God parted it.

Between now and my birthday on the last day of this month, I will be contemplating these questions.  All the while, I'll be hearing a song in my head by Matt Redmond that has become an anthem for many, 10,000 Reasons.  

Looking back over the past almost 70 years, I have way more than 10,000 reasons to thank God.  I don't think I can count that high.

God, help me as I enter the next chapter of this adventure.