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Are Christians selling out their faith in Jesus Christ with their support for Donald Trump?

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Is God still in control if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency ?

It's hard to have a conversation in Michigan without some kind of chatter about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  People are taking up sides and it's getting nasty.

My home town, Bay City which is the gateway to the north seems to have become a hotbed of vocal Trump supporters as are many other places in the state.  Many of these are people brought up in church and who profess a strong belief in God.  They see Hillary as either a female version of the anti-Christ or the anti-Christ herself.  

These Republican friends point to the U.S. Supreme Court and how if she won, she'd appoint justices who are antithetical to everything we as Americans value.  Then they point to Trump who they say would appoint justices who have the good values.  

From what I've seen there are big negatives to both candidates.  But does Trump really share the values of evangelical Christians?  Look at how he has comported himself during the campaign.  He has ridiculed and mocked people, the disabled, women and those who disagree with him.

He has built his personal life and his professional life on taking advantage of people and thinking of only himself.  There's a body of evidence showing his deceptions.

In conversations, many of my Republican friends will retort that they could never stomach Hillary Clinton.  They point to the question marks in her character.  Okay.

What if you vote for neither and write in somebody's name, like Jack Bauer?

Are Christians making an idol out of holding power in the national government and selling out their faith in Jesus and his power and his desires for us?  Are they trying to short circuit the process like Abram in the Bible where God promised in Genesis 15 that he'd be the father of many nations.  When the promise was made, he was elderly.  So his wife told him to have a kid with her servant.  How did God react to that?

Are we doing the same thing?