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Hillary Clinton kicked Donald Trumps butt during the first debate last night


Donald and Hillary
This was what we saw on our tv screen

 I was impressed by Hillary Clinton during last night's debate.  There I said it.  By any measure, she seemed to be more impressive.  Look at her knowledge of the issues.  Her experience.  Her ability to communicate.  Her ability to not let Trump bait her on sensitive questions.  Compared to Donald Trump, she seemed presidential and he seemed more like an alderman in a tumultuous city.

He added to my understanding of the verb "bloviate."  Arrogance is seldom fun to watch.  It might work with Babe Ruth pointing to the field where he was going to hit a homer, but not in politics.  

His lack of knowledge about policy is disappointing.  His lack of compassion on the race issue is hard to comprehend.  He showed no understanding of why there's turmoil on this issue.

Demeanor is another measure.  He came across as the king of prison yard bullies.  Cross him and he will make you hurt.

What about her?  Given the choice between the two, she was much more impressive.  Would I vote for her?  It's something I have to consider, I think.

Did I stay awake during the whole debate?  I did.  But the person sitting on the opposite end of the couch from me didn't.  Perhaps, she was checking her eyelids for holes.