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I'm trying to digest Sunday's sermon from Colossians about serving and suffering


Jeff Manion
Ada Bible Church senior teaching pastor Jeff Manion

 At our church, Ada Bible Church, we are going through a series of sermons on the book of Colossians, a place in western Turkey where followers of Jesus grabbed onto their faith with impressive gusto.  They made a difference in their part of the world and it influenced the growth of the church around the world.

Because that church got started within a few decades of when Jesus was crucified on the cross, their faith was new and as Pastor Jeff Manion says new faith can be vulnerable to winds of change and circumstances.

The Apostle Paul wrote the book to encourage and strengthen their faith.

Pastor Manion, in this video clip, shares the scripture from which this weekend's sermon was taken.  I pray that the Heavenly Father will help me digest and implant it on my heart.