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Marinating my soul in Scripture
A note about "marination" in my Bible

 We had salmon today and quite often we marinate it in a special liquid mixture to give it more taste.  We let it marinate for a decent period of time.

I found the above quote in my Bible today and it caught my attention.  It's from our church--Ada Bible Church--where one of the pastors said we should marinate our souls in Holy Scripture.  What does that look like in my life?  How should it affect my attitude and outlook on day-to-day life and the future?  Can it bring me closer to Jesus?

As I move into this important period of time in my life where at age 70 I need to pick my attitudes and activities carefully, I need to stay connected to my Heavenly Father.  I think that means that I need more than a quick devotion with a Bible verse or two.

I pray for God's help to immerse myself in his Words and then with His help operationalize them in my life.