What happens when you marinate your soul in scripture?
I'm trying to digest Sunday's sermon from Colossians about serving and suffering

Will we get anything more than "piffle" from tonight's debate between Clinton and Trump?

My wife and I will be watching the debate tonight between Clinton and Trump and I'm not sure we will be doing it for the right reasons.

IMG_6964Tonight's broadcast reminds me of when we watched the television series "24" with great anticipation for a chance to cheer on the hero Jack Bauer.  He would take on a serious threat and never lose.  He talked tough and was tough.  With a bottle of Great Lakes Red, we would cheer his talk and his actions where the bad guys faced invincibility from one man.  I remember there was even talk about how he should be elected president.

What about tonight?

After the debate will we have a clearer understanding about the values and character of each candidate?  

If I had to guess we will get nothing more than "piffle" from both sides.  A lot of people are looking for high quality trash talking, especially from Trump.  It's kind of like watching professional wrestling where fighters would put on a show, but none of it was real.  Trump is a caricature of a leader and I'm not sure about Clinton.  

Are they going to get in each other's face?  Maybe they'll spit at their opponent?  Viewers would love it.  A lot of them would complain, while others would cheer for their person.

Will I watch another presidential debate?  Ask me tomorrow.