Have we really reached the point of violent revolution if Trump doesn't win?
It was the first time I ever wrote in somebody for President of the United States

Drinking Leelanau's Witches brew from our Starbucks mugs on the front porch


A selfie with my wife.

It was warm enough to take a selfie with my wife while waiting for "trick and treaters."


 We had about 80 "trick or treaters" in our Lansing neighborhood tonight.  The kids were extraordinarily polite and most had parents with them.  How do you manage sitting on the front porch in mid-Michigan on the very last day of October?  It's not a mind-numbing cold, but it leaves an impression after an hour.

While shopping at our Meijers yesterday, we picked up a bottle of Witches Brew from Leelanau Wine Cellars in Traverse City.  This spice wine is best when hot and after two minutes, it has an aroma that talks to your nostrils and a taste that distracts you from the cold air while you're sitting barefooted on the porch.

All-in-all Halloween 20016 was a success.  There were lots of little kids who were old fashioned cute and there were a lot of dads with them.

Now it's time for me to go to my Instagram Direct and see how my five grandkids living in other states celebrated the occasion.



Our Halloween candy.
No chocolate candy bars at our house.


Our street had plenty of "trick and treaters."
While sitting on our front porch, we saw a steady stream of kids.


I'd recommend Witches Brew.
Witches Brew kept us warm tonight.