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Have we really reached the point of violent revolution if Trump doesn't win?


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 I had barely hit my corner of the couch this morning with my iPad in hand when I read this story from the New York Times about how Trump supporters were ready to start or they would expect violence if their guy isn't given the election.

This is definitely worth a read regardless of whose side you're on in this election.  This is pretty extreme talk from people who call themselves conservative and it needs to be talked about.

Have we really reached that point where people need to start marching to and taking over State Capitols if their guy doesn't win.  

Who is stoking this kind of response?  Is it the Republican candidate?  Is it guys like Franklin Graham, the son of evangelist Billy Graham, who says election day will be the most important day in this country's history?  Also, consider that many if not most of Trump's supporters describe themselves as followers of Jesus Christ.

What's happening?  Is the New York Times manufacturing this or does it reflect the sentiment of a lot of people?

What will we wake up to on November 9, the day after the election?  Will there be violence in the streets?