Like Casey Neistat, it's not a matter of being for Hillary Clinton, it's being against Donald J. Trump
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Hillary Clinton will win the election and Christians need to start praying for her


Me and my virtual reality viewer
Hillary Clinton will win and that's reality and it's not virtual

 My 32-year-old son--Justin Thorp--and I talk at least three or four times a week, either using text messaging or on the phone.  It might be just a couple of minutes, but we cover a standard set of topics, like family, his kids, developments in the tech world, autonomous vehicles and politics.

Yes, we have talked about the upcoming presidential election.  I rely on him to question my thinking and I think he does the same with me.  

And we both agree that the polls are conclusive.  Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States.  It's not something that would get either of us to run out our front doors and dance through the streets.  But there's the reality that she will be elected.

There's another reality about the country being fractured into warring groups of voters.  Christians are fighting among themselves about who would make the best president.  Many are cheesed off at each other to the point where they are not talking.  It's brother versus brother in many instances.

In our various conversations over the past two weeks, Justin and I have talked about the need for reconciliation between warring factions.  That includes those who want to projectile vomit when they hear Clinton's name.

While others are talking about why Michigan State University has had such a hideous start with their football team, we both believe that the Holy Spirit needs to grab hold of everybody, including Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, James Dobson and everybody else.  We both believe that God through the Holy Spirit needs to make us listen to Him.

Is God bigger than Hillary Clinton and the U.S. Supreme Court?  Is there any answer other than yes?

Does God love Trump more than Clinton?

I think not.  Anybody disagree?