Visiting Newton, Kansas is on my bucket list
I wish I was young enough to get this tattooed on my arm

How important is it for me to walk everyday at age 70?


Going down our driveway.
Here we are just starting our walk in the neighborhood.

I know that health issues start to rear their  ugly head at my age.  I've been blessed and lucky rolled together with my health.  I know that I've veered in and out of bad habits.  Only real problem is glaucoma and some other eye and vision issues.

What about exercise?  When I was younger I was an ardent jogger and ran in several fun runs.  It was a habit that saw me going to the YMCA every morning and one that allowed me considerable latitude in what and how much I ate.

Now I'm moving into golden years where health problems can develop quickly.  Jogging is out.  My wife and I walk.  We use an iPhone app Runkeeper to track them, the distance, the route and time.  

The challenge will be maintaining momentum as our northern weather gets colder and we have more snow.

A question for other senior citizen types:  How do you maintain an exercise regimen during the winter?  Walk in the mall?  Treadmill?