Drinking Leelanau's Witches brew from our Starbucks mugs on the front porch
God have mercy on our country!

It was the first time I ever wrote in somebody for President of the United States



I'm glad we early voted today.  If turnout was any indication at the early polling station, it will be wicked busy on election day when it will be more fun to stay home and watch the returns on television.

My first vote for president was in 1964 when I voted for Barry Goldwater.  Democrats made him out to be a wild man who could not be trusted.  Even though he was a Republican, he was closer to being a Libertarian.  He was very principled, but effective in his duties as a United States Senator.

Fast forward to our current season of political polarization where political types are running around like they have partisan distemper.  I listened and I asked a whole lot of questions.  I was not convinced by either candidate.  They both fell short of what I felt was necessary to be a good president.

Many of my Republican friends put a bullseye on my back because of my lack of enthusiasm for Donald J. Trump.  I was told that not voting would result in more abortions and a move away from conservative values.  Hmmm. . .

I resolved that today when I wrote in the name of Evan McMullin for president. It's hard to ignore his experience and his values.  He little to no chance of winning, but I feel good about what I did.