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Hillary Clinton will win the election and Christians need to start praying for her

Like Casey Neistat, it's not a matter of being for Hillary Clinton, it's being against Donald J. Trump


This YouTuber, Casey Neistat, has a clear view about our two presidential candidates.  The choice is clear to him.  

Listen to what he has to say about Donald Trump and how his election would affect our country.  He says one candidate is prepared for the job and the other isn't.  He says it's a matter of character.  One candidate would take our country to new lows on the measure of personal integrity.

The video is less than three minutes.  But reduces his view to a point that's easy to grasp.

Who is he?  Casey is one of the top 10 YouTubers in the country.  He's popular with Millennials and Gen Xers.  Millions watch his vlog everyday.