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Why do people still eat Cheerios?

Cheerios galore.
This is part of the cereal shelf today at our local Meijers.

Do you eat cereal for breakfast?  What kind?

This morning while grocery shopping with my wife at one of the local Meijers, we went through the cereal aisle where I was caught by the large amount of shelf space given to Cheerios.  They had the old-fashioned kind along with a variety of flavors.  Honey Nut Cheerios seemed to dominate.

Who eats Cheerios?  Do they appeal to a demographic?  Are infants just starting to eat solid foods major reasons why the cereal is so popular?

As a senior baby-boomer, I've moved beyond Cheerios to oatmeal and the like.

Maybe, I'd reach for it on the shelf, if it had a prize in the box.