Do you have an aunt or uncle who really influenced your life?
Some advice for my fellow country-men: "Never assume anything"

Have you ever saved old books of matches from a business?

Did you ever buy gas at a Gulf oil station?  These matches bring back memories from my boyhood in Bay City, Michigan, where I grew up and where the Gulf station was a regular stop.  Part of our loyalty to Gulf could be because of my Uncle Wes Moll who owned one at Cass and Lincoln streets in my hometown.  

Those were the days when every business advertised through book matches that it had readily available at its cash register for those who smoked.  Cigarette smokers were common.  They were everywhere.  So smokers needed matches. 

Gulf Oil matches.
Is Gulf Oil still around or did it merge and go out of business?


Scenic Oil Co. in Sebewaing, Michigan
These were from a small gas station in the Thumb of Michigan in a small town called Sebewaing.