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I found these memories of my cousin Roger Moll of Bay City while cleaning out old papers


My cousin receives medals posthumously.
Roger's family receives his medals posthumously after his death in Vietnam

 When we cleaned out my mother's house in Bay City, we took many crates of old papers, clippings, pictures and greeting cards that she had saved.  In it, we found two memories of my cousin Roger Moll of Bay City who was killed in Vietnam in 1968.

How many of you baby-boomers remember the Vietnam conflict?  Did you lose family or friends in this unpopular war?

I remember how Roger's death upended the life of his family.  My Uncle Ralph took years to sort it out in his heart and come to peace with the fact that his oldest son had beaten him to heaven.  I remember how my mother's siblings--six brothers and five sisters--circled the family wagons to give Ralph and Anna Mae extra love and ears to listen.

The top clipping from the Bay City Times shows his family receiving his medals in 1968 and the bottom was his obituary that has been on my workbench for the past year.


M cousin's obituary .
My cousin's obituary from the Bay City Times.