CHRISTMAS NEWSLETTER: This year Gladys and I went way over 10,000 Reasons to give thanks to God
I found these memories of my cousin Roger Moll of Bay City while cleaning out old papers

My mother was driven by the need to shovel snow from her sidewalks


This is where I grew up. My mom was meticulous about keeping our sidewalks shoveled.


I thought about my mom yesterday and her compulsive, driven desire to keep the sidewalks in front of my boyhood home shoveled and free from snow.  I was thinking about my fairly new snowblower and how doing our driveway was tiring and then I thought of my mom with her well-used snow shovel.

When it snowed in Bay City she was always out there shoveling or sweeping.  She looked with disdain on neighbors who waited to clean theirs.  She'd be out there early in the morning and late at night.

This whole business of being "driven" to do something made me think about the year ahead and about what drives me.  I mean really drives me.  Not the kind that gets me to the dinner table.  But what do I have a passion about.

As I get older--beyond 70--I find my passion waning.  I can still carry on about the election and then it fades.  I'm "driven" by being involved with our family.

Another area would have to be health.  I need to turn up the fire on staying healthy. 

Then there's my relationship to Jesus.  I need to be "driven" to expand and maintain that.

As you age, what are you driven by?