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Read this book--of stillness and storm--before you go on either a short or long term mission trip




When I came back from a mission trip to Haiti and to the West African country of Mali, I fantasized about what it would be like to serve as missionaries on a long term basis.  I surmised that such a move would be challenging for sure, but I wasn't aware how not being prepared could suck the life out of your good intentions until I read this book "of stillness and storm" by Michele Phoenix

This novel was written in a style that shows the real grittiness of many mission fields and how poor communication between a couple on the field can have a life-changing impact for a family.  

It's like reading Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck where you can taste an everyday life that leaves you tired and hopeless and feeling dirty.  

The best of intentions, even those where the hand of God feels close can leave you tired and broken without the proper preparation and communication.

I'd highly recommend this book for anybody contemplating a mission trip this next year, either short or long-term.  It will add layers of understanding to real life on the mission field.