Thinking about "hell" on a Sunday night in mid-Michigan
We continue to get our Lansing, Michigan house ready for the market

Face Time with two of our grandkids, a drawing from my six-year-old grandson and a special picture of my other three grandkids

Two of our grandkids live three states away, but we still see them often through Face Time. Tonight, we visited with our son Justin and his wife Lauren and their two kids. We learned that our two-year-old grandson is talking up a storm and that he knows how to take pictures with the iPhone. He's a pre-schooler with an insatiable curiosity. Our eight-month old granddaughter is bubbling over with personality and a desire to explore. Thank-you Face Time and thank-you to my son and my daughter-in-law for including us in this method of staying in touch.
I love getting refrigerator art from my grandkids. My six year-old grandson gave this one to me. I'm the guy on the bottom holding a can of Pepsi. I will save it. It goes in my permanent collection which I love looking at on a regular basis. Do you save your grandkids' art work that they made for you?
This is my newest addition to my grandkid picture collection on my study desk. I say "good morning" to the threesome everyday. It's also a potent reminder of how much God has blessed me with my family.