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Can you guess what I'm doing in this picture; DUIL test, e-cigarette, medicinal marijuana?

We have a real reason to celebrate in our household today

Our grandkids
This is a shot of some of Gladys' favorite people

Sure there's a big party in Washington, D.C. today, but there's even a bigger one here at our house.  Today is my wife Gladys' birthday.  With our kids and grandkids in other states, I'm sure we will make good use of FaceTime.  In addition, there will be calls from her siblings.

My wife is special-special and I feel that God handpicked for me.  Through my occasional grimaces, I know that my life has never been better nor could it be.  How's that?  It's because of her.

There will be no red carpets in front of our house today, but there will be 10 people in our immediate family who adore her.  

Thank-you God for Gladys and for the love you have shown both of us.