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What about your son-in-law?


My son-in-law and daughter.
Meet my son-in-law Adam Jones who turned 36 today and my daughter Krista.


I've heard lots of banter among baby-boomer guys about their sons-in-law.  It's easy to laugh at all the son-in-law jokes circulating among baby-boomer age guys.  

My son-in-law Adam Jones turned 36 today and my thoughts constantly turn to how my daughter nailed it with her choice of guys.  I've watched him up close and from far-away in his roles as a husband and a dad.  I've seen his values.  He loves God and Jesus Christ and then my daughter and their three kids.  

I'm a picture-taker when around family, our kids and grandkids.  I love looking at pictures of our son-in-law and family along with our son and his family.  I see picture after picture where Adam is showing love and involvement with his kids.  He and our daughter are leaving a footprint wherever they go.

His birthday today is worthy of mention and celebration.  He's a quality person and I'm happy that he married my daughter more than eight years ago.

So, "Happy Birthday Adam."

Have I ever given him a rough time?  Oh yeah.  But, we both had patience with each other.  It's time for me to pass-on my copy of the movie Father Of The Bride to Adam and my son.