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I was a junior in high school when I got to know Lt. Gov. T. John Lesinski of Michigan

Baby-boomers: Do your grandkids know how the Vietnam War affected your life?

Classroom debate at Delta College.
This is a picture from 1965-66 of me (right) debating an anti-Vietnam activist.

Every generation seems to have their own war someplace in the world.  My dad and my uncles had World War II.  I had the Vietnam War.  It affected every part of my life even though I was never in the country.

As I dramatically downsize a huge collection of clippings and photographs, I found these two items going back to the days of that war.  My five grandkids are really young, but there may come a day when one of them will ask about what I remember of the Vietnam conflict.  

How did it affect me?  It started in high school when I was ordered to register for the military draft.  I got a draft card which I had to carry with me at all times.

To stay out of the draft, I had to get a deferment which I did by going to college.  The requirements were that I go full-time and that I finish within four years.

While attending my first two years at Delta College, I went through a streak of political activism.  In addition to other causes, I was the head of Students For Victory in Vietnam.  We sponsored student rallies and debates.

During a history class, I debated an anti-war activist.  The local newspaper covered it with a reporter and a photographer.  


Vietnam source material.
Remember the Pentagon Papers which tore the lid of the Vietnam War.