OLD PHOTO: Child protection bill signing with Gov. Jennifer Granholm and State Rep. Lauren Hager
OLD PHOTO: My Teenage Republican meeting with Michigan's Mr. Republican, Jerry Roe

For better politics in this country, do citizens need to become better at critical thinking?

IMG_0244Voters are telling poll takers that they would trust a drug lord before they would trust a politician or a news reporter.   But could the reality reflect that they are just the opposite.  They trust them and will accept just about anything that agrees with their personal bias.

Think about it.  If you're a Donald Trump supporter are you more apt to believe his screeds about how Americans are getting taken to the cleaners by just about everybody.  And the perpetrators  are everybody from liberals to reporters to jihadists, they believe.  

And when other issues come up and they lack the motivation to think them through, they give him the benefit of the doubt.

Same thing happens with the liberals, progressives and the Democrats.  If Bernie Sanders says it, then it must be right is the mantra with many people.  They believe him and they don't scratch beneath the surface to find out if it's true.  

Anybody agree?  Disagree?

The problem seems to be "critical thinking."  Many voters don't question themselves or the candidates about what they're preaching.  Nobody is asking "show me."  How can you say that without details?  

What's the truth?  Voters decide with or without even minimal knowledge?  And they're paying for it.

Check the above book, How To Think Critically In The Post Truth Era.  I haven't read it yet, but I plan to.