Praying with the guys, my youngest grandson and my Starbucks mug from St. Louis
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My one year-old grandson has my name and my love for ice cream


I always had a special connection with my Uncle Wes Moll.  By 10 minutes, I was born on his birthday.  Because I was born on 12:10 am a bunch of years ago, I was saved from being named after my Uncle Durward Thorpe.  If that had happened I would have been Durward Dale, leaving me with the initials DDT.

Growing up, I was always known as Wesley and my uncle was Wes.  My uncle had his own gas station where he repaired cars.  My mom would drop me off at his station where I'd put gas in cars and occasionally learn simple car repairs.

Then last March when my youngest grandson was born and when my wife and I went to the hospital to see him, my son-in-law gave me the news about his name.  They gave him my first name for his middle name.

He and I will always have a special connection.  Someday, a girlfriend will ask how he got his middle name and what he had in common with the guy he got it from.

One thing--ice cream.  He loves it and so do I.  His ice cream of choice is soft serve.  So is mine.