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OLD PHOTO: A picture of me and other Michigan Senate pages and Gov. George Romney taken 54 years ago


I spent most of my junior year in high school as a page in the Michigan Senate going to school one day a week in my hometown about a hundred miles north of Lansing.  It was the next step in my education about government and politics.

On Mondays after school, I would ride to Lansing with either the state senator or state representative for the area.  Then along with the other pages, we would prepare the Chamber for the Monday night session.  My chair during the session right in front of Sen. William Ford who later served in the U.S. Congress and Sen. William Milliken who later became governor of the state.  

During the day we would do errands for senators all throughout the State Capitol including the office of Gov. George Romney, the father of Mitt Romney, the presidential candidate.  We would take documents and files right into his private office.

One day, the Sergeant-At-Arms of the Senate took all the pages into Romney's office for a group picture with the governor.  That was 54 years ago.