In my next life, I'd consider being a lexicographer
OLD PHOTO: Posing with Gov. Engler at bill signing to raise speed limit to 70 mph

Old photo: Havana, Cuba is where I started growing my beard


At the Museum of Revolution
This is me in front of the Museum of the Revolution in Havanna, Cuba


Spending a week in Cuba was all the excuse I needed to let my beard grow.  Razor blades were not an over-the-counter item available there.  So, I let it grow and the above photo shows how the early growth looked.  I came home 39 years ago and never shaved it off.

The beard introduced me to the joy of not shaving and to a look that I never changed.  My wife has seen me without a beard only once and my kids have never seen me beardless.  

Will I ever shave it off?  Probably not.  Am I hiding behind a mask of facial hair?  Not really.  I have an incredibly visual double chin.

I'm continuing to go through my vast collection of random photos and clips.  My grandkids might enjoy seeing these when they get old enough.