OLD PHOTO: Sitting on my throne with a newspaper on my lap in the old State Capitol Pressroom
OLD PHOTO: Guys in this 1961 picture in the Michigan House really changed the course of my life

OLD PHOTO: Michigan House Speaker Bobby Crim encouraged me to run in his Flint race


While downsizing are household, I ran into hundreds of old pictures from my life and pictures that I inherited from my mom when she died.  I'm picking highlights for my grandkids.

Michigan House Speaker Bobby Crim was my boss at the time when I was going to the Downtown Lansing YMCA everyday to jog.  He was usually there on this little indoor track where you had to run 24 laps for a mile.

He was a runner and he encouraged everybody to join him and to get and stay physically fit.  My athleticism was defined by my reading the sports pages in newspapers and that was pretty much it. But Bobby was a daily encouragement.  

I kept doing it for a couple of years.  And as I continued, I found that I felt better and my fitness improved dramatically.  

The photo above was taken when I ran in one of Crim's early races in Flint, Michigan.  I forget its distance.  I finished and I felt really good about it.  At the finish line I remember downing a big can of Hawaiian Punch.