OLD PHOTOS: Working with three of my journalistic heroes from the 1970s, Bob Berg, Don Hoenshell and Tom Ochiltree
MEMORY: My reporting of the expected resignation of Michigan Gov. George Romney

OLD PHOTO: Play "Where's Waldo" with this picture from Senate Majority Leader Dick Posthumus alumni picnic


Posthumus and his senior staff were masters at building community.  In this photo, staffers who worked for him through the years gathered for an alumni picnic.  It was almost like a family-gathering.  Can you find me?  I'm standing behind my son Justin.

I learned some basic lessons while working for Dick Posthumus, then the Michigan Senate Majority Leader who was a farmer from near Grand Rapids who got into politics to make the state a better place for his kids to live.

He knew what was needed to govern successfully.  Members of the state legislature needed to know each other, trust each other and appreciate the differences each of them had.  It was all centered on respect.

During this time of division in the U.S. Congress where the President freely calls names, points fingers at everybody that disagrees with him, even in his own party, Posthumus set an example that's worthy of study and emulation.

In fact, the President and his staff would be wise to seek advice from people like Posthumus.  Getting things done--governing--while maintaining partisan differences was his specialty.  Same principles apply in Washington.