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A question for guys in their late sixties and early seventies?  How would you feel about about spending a day watching your one-year-old grandson who crawls, goes up steps and is just starting to walk?

My wife and I did that yesterday while our daughter and family spent some time in the Detroit-area.  He's active and could compete competitively in crawling with anybody in his age group.  Throw in some incredibly strong inner motivation to walk and you have a really active little guy.  He moves fast.

His least active time seems to be right after he wakes up from a nap when he's willing to cuddle, talk and watch a little television.  And then he's off.

How'd my wife and I do?  I'd give us a B or B+ as l crawled on the floor with him, talked using my best short syllable baby words.  We did the stroller walk through our new neighborhood and Gladys read him books.

Would we do it again?  We can't wait.