MEMORY: My reporting of the expected resignation of Michigan Gov. George Romney
Would Abraham Lincoln be the people's choice in today's partisan political environment?

Do you remember your childhood sandbox?


My sandbox.
This was my sandbox when I was a young boy.



I probably started playing in my sandbox on Marquette Street in Bay City in the early 1950s.  I was the only child in a single-parent family which meant that everyday life was filled with pressures that come from trying to survive.

The sandbox was an escape, my own kingdom where I was only limited by my imagination.  I had a bright yellow cast iron Shell Oil truck, a few plastic soldiers, a rubber ball or two and a whole bunch of sticks of every size.  That's all I needed.

My kids had a sandbox.  It was a small plastic swimming pool filled with a couple of bags of sand from Toys R US.  

I wonder if President Trump ever had a sandbox.  Probably not.