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My morning almost 40 years ago with President Carter's press secretary Jody Powell

Do you still have pictures of when you served in the military?


Me on the right.
Yup, that's a beardless me on the right.

 I'm still going through old photos as we continue downsizing our household and found this one of me standing in formation during a meeting of the 5032 USAR School in Livonia.  Before classes started for the evening, we had to participate in a formation where you had to stand at attention and do whatever.

I still have a few pictures of those days in Livonia and at a similar school in Lansing that I was assigned to.  And I have a handful of photos from my stints on Active Duty.  

The only part of my U.S. Army uniforms that I saved was old fatigue shirts.  I gave one away and still have one in my closet.  And I have my dog tags in a drawer.

Did you save your old uniforms?  Still fit?