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Have you shopped for a new couch lately?


New couches
Have you shopped for a new couch lately?

 Have you been couch shopping lately?

We wanted a new couch to replace our aging Lazy Boy couch that reclines on each side and has a center piece that comes down and serves as a table.  This is where we've eaten most of our meals since our kids left the nest more than a decade ago.

The couch is coming up on its eighteenth birthday in our house and we thought it might be time for a change.  We started our search at our local Art Van.  We also looked at matching recliners.

The set that caught our eye has a recliner on both sides of the couch.  It's operated by an electric motor that's controlled on each side.  It's easy to get the exact amount of recline that you want.

Sifting through the numbers on the price tag, I had trouble figuring out a final price.  The salesman was nice, but it seemed that the longer we circled the above set, the more he'd take off the price if we bought then.

It wasn't high pressure, but showed how elastic the list prices are.