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MEMORY: My reporting of the expected resignation of Michigan Gov. George Romney

Romney 3

I had several big boxes of old tear sheets of newspaper stories I had written.  There were hundreds from the various newspapers I worked at and others where I had been published.  It was a habit that I started while a student at the Michigan State University School of Journalism.

Because of downsizing, I whittled this collection down to 20-30 stories where I had a byline like this one from the Michigan State University News which at the time was known as our state's second largest morning newspaper.

Part of my beat was the governor's office held by Romney.  This story was about how he was expected to resign to join Richard Nixon's Cabinet.  

I'm saving this on my blog for my grandkids so they know that I had been a journalist was proud of it.  Back in the sixties, seventies and eighties, it was a role dominated by newspapers.  

Because of the current political climate, many equate being a reporter to being a criminal.