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My morning almost 40 years ago with President Carter's press secretary Jody Powell


I would bet that President Trump's press secretary Sean Spicer would have high name recognition right now.  He's constantly in the news.  

Back 40 years ago, President Jimmy Carter had Jody Powell as press secretary who developed a similar visibility.  He was young, articulate, spoke with a deep Georgia accent and worked for a controversial president.  

During that time he came to the State Capitol Press Room where I helped manage the flow of information.  I forget why he was there, but I remember that his visit sure caused a commotion in my part of the building.  The press conference room in my suite of rooms was packed beyond safe levels.  Everybody wanted to see him, both reporters and legislative employees.  

It was a real hubbub with watchers climbing on top of file cabinets.  In my memory in the pressroom, only a handful of presenters attracted that kind of attention, Jack Kemp who ran for president and who had been a Buffalo Bills quarterback and Jerry Ford when he was president.

After Powell's visit, he sent me the above note.  As part of our downsizing at home, I found it a few day's ago.