We are saying goodbye to Lansing after living here for more than three-and-a-half decades of marriage
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Our downsizing journey for a condo takes us to Holt, Michigan


Our storage container.
We emptied our storage container yesterday.

 We're moving to Holt, a bedroom community to Lansing.  As senior citizens and baby-boomers, we considered our situation carefully.  We are empty-nesters with two grown children who with their kids live in different states.  Our needs have changed and have become more simplified.

We settled on looking for a condominium where you have reduced maintenance responsibilities and more flexibility to visit kids and grandkids.  

Our mid-Michigan area is throbbing with baby-boomers who have either retired or are planning to retired and who are looking smaller housing.  So, the demand for livable and affordable condos is high.  

The best value for us seemed to be south of Lansing in Delta Township, Grand Ledge and Holt.

What will we learn from our experience about being senior citizens who sell their house and buy a new place that's smaller than the one where we raised our kids?

How about you?  Have you downsized your housing?  What was your experience?  Would you do it again?